Job Title

Planning Consultant

Team Overview:

Within the team structure this is an achieving and supporting role. It offers the team member the opportunity to add further depth & variety to their knowledge and experience. As well as the ability to hone their communication and rapport building skills. This role requires critical thinking, creative solutions, exceptional diligence and time management, plus enthusiasm and passion.

We operate a nurturing environment where you will be supported to reach your potential whilst being expected to take ownership, responsibility, and accountability for your work. As part of the team you will also help to embed this culture by providing guidance, knowledge sharing and support to others,
whilst demonstrating commitment to your own personal and professional development.

Job Overview:

As an active member of the planning team, you will be working under the guidance of our Senior Planning Consultants. This is a client facing role where you will be responsible for getting the job done, managing your own case load from proposal to job completion. You will be the first point of contact for your clients and will draft and review submissions and client communications. You will be responsible for your own time management and prioritisation, ensuring WRP standards are always met, and time recording adhered to. You will also take an active role in supporting company growth and progress by contributing to development projects and leading with high standards.


  • Providing guidance and sound advice relating to Client specific issues, and a range of planning matters.
  • Manage a diverse range of instructions from Clients relating to town planning matters.
  • Effective time management, prioritisation of work and recording of time in line with job estimates. Ensuring whilst all work is completed efficiently it also meets or exceeds the required standard and quality.
  • Lead the preparation and submission of planning applications defined by Client instructions.
  • Producing and developing long and short-term planning strategies for Clients to achieve a positive outcome.
  • Undertake critical analysis and provide creative solutions to overcome any barriers or potential planning barriers to achieve a successful outcome for our clients.
  • As an ambassador for WRP ensure every communication – verbal and written is professional, efficient, effective, helpful, and appropriate. To ensure constructive negotiations and successful positive interactions.
  • Support team members by providing advice on planning matters and contributing to the preparation of documents in support of planning submissions if required.
  • Supporting the Finance Manager with timely and accurate Client invoicing in line with the Client invoice process.
  • Contribute to the continued development and progression of WRP by providing ideas and suggestions for improvements. Also developing and delivering projects and presentations in line with the business strategy.
  • Liaison with third party consultants (architects, tree consultants, ecologists, etc) to seek quotes in respect of WRP instructions.
  • Liaison includes preparing the consultants scope of work, reviewing fee quotes, advising Clients and ensuring reports are received in a timely manner and within the scope of work agreed.
  • Proactively managing applications post submission to a decision. Ensuing that clients are fully informed at all times, and provided with reassurance even when delivering a negative message.
  • Responsible for drafting and reviewing planning statements to the WRP standard. This includes developing new content, updating existing content, developing supplementary images and tables.
  • Undertake and lead constructive negotiations on behalf of Clients with the Local Planning Authority to resolve matters of difference.
  • Responsible for undertaking several tasks to ensure a successful outcome for clients, including but not limited to:
    • Monitoring comments on planning submissions, advising Clients on any issues raised and providing appropriate responses to the LPA where required.
    • Undertake detailed research, including but not limited to:
      • Planning history searches using Council’s online searches and through formal requests made to the Council
      • Using company resources and knowledge
      • Planning policy reviews and updates in preparation for new planning statements
      • Planning case law
      • Site review
      • Planning appeals
    • Analysing appeals, LPA decisions, judicial decisions, and legislative updates.
    • Participate in monitoring appeals within the Local Authority Areas.
    • Creating new planning statement content based on diligent research.
  • Production of client estimates in line with the company lead management and risk assessment matrix.
  • Providing constructive feedback to stress test the crux of the planning argument, in line with our peer assessment review process.
  • Attendance at site meetings with Clients and third parties as required.
  • Working in line with Group key performance indicators and The WRP Way.
  • Sharing your knowledge and expertise, act as a mentor/coach to other team members supporting a culture of continuous development and improvement.
  • Demonstratable active approach to personal and professional development.

Role Competencies


  • Associate of the RTPI or RICS
  • Planning Degree


  • Demonstratable knowledge of the planning system and current planning legislation, across a wide range of job/instruction types
  • Able to manage the planning process from end to end



  • Communicating information clearly
  • Building positive and trusting relationships
  • Developing an internal and external network
  • Influencing and negotiating
  • Listen to and positively respond to feedback
  • Coaching and supporting other team members
  • Understanding of own communication skills and the ability to adapt

Analysis and Decision-making

  • Breaking problems down and establishing facts
  • Identifying key issues within situations
  • Critical thinking – understand the why & so what?
  • Propose creative solutions to problems and issues
  • Construct a structured and compelling argument
  • Making sound balanced and justifiable decisions especially under time pressure and within deadlines


  • Identifying and seizing opportunities to fix or improve things
  • Keeping abreast of and sharing best practice
  • Initiating and implementing change
  • Respond positively to change

Results Orientated

  • Delivering results in line with job prospects
  • Implementing plans and projects effectively
  • Utilisation rate of greater than 75%
  • Less than 5% of time write
  • Less than 5% of time wastage
  • Positive client feedback regardless of outcome or planning decision


  • Ensure accuracy and thoroughness
  • Demonstrating professional integrity
  • Setting and maintaining WRP standards
  • Ensuring both internal & external procedural compliance
  • Accurately identify prospects of job applications

Group and Strategic Perspective

  • Group awareness and contribution to the Group business plan
  • Understanding and being sensitive to external business influences
  • Financial understanding linked to invoicing
  • Ownership of own time management

Personal Attributes

  • Willingness to support, coach & mentor others
  • Want and drive to succeed
  • Willingness to learn
  • Focus on self-improvement
  • Ownership of work and results
  • Takes accountability
  • Presents a professional image
  • Demonstrating tenacity


  • 5 years +