We’re guessing planning applications are not exactly your idea of fun. You probably don’t relish the thought of negotiating with planning officers. The thought of appealing a decision might well fill you with dread. And you’d rather not spend hours trying to decipher all the small print. Luckily for you, we love it all. (And we’re good at it.)

We’re here to make the planning process simpler and less stressful for rural businesses and homeowners.

The Wharfe Rural Planning took the time to listen and found a solution quickly. Their professionalism and level of service was second to none. When the time comes, I will definitely use them and will always recommend them.


What makes us different?

Specialist Advice

The planning process is incredibly complex. While your architect or land agent can offer you some advice, they’re not specialists. We are. Appeals and amendments can be costly. We can help you to get it right from day one.

Focus on rural planning

Rural planning applications can face extra challenges. You need a specialist planning consultant who knows how to overcome objections. We have good relationships with local planning offices.

Tailored support

We’ve worked on an awful lot of projects, but every application is different. We don’t take a paint by numbers approach. This isn’t about just ticking boxes; it’s about properly representing your interests. We’re on your side.


We’re more than just consultants. We’re not afraid to pull on our wellies and offer support with all aspects of rural planning, from workers’ dwellings and new access routes to multi-residential schemes and business sites.

Down to earth approach

We treat our staff like family and invest in them. Most of us live locally and have been with WRP for several years. You’ll get to know us, and us you. And we’ll keep you updated every step of the process.

Transparent fees

We’re open and honest about our fees. Unlike some companies, we won’t try to lure you in with a ridiculously low rate and then bump it up with extra costs. In short, we act with integrity and honesty.

Solution Focused

Planning decisions should be based on regulations, not personal opinions. We’ll make sure you’re treated fairly. If necessary, we can recommend refinements and solutions to get you across the finishing line.

Solid reputation

We have a high success rate and have built a reputation for excellent client service. We’re proud that most of our work comes through referrals and repeat business. It means we’re doing things right.

Ready for a challenge

We don’t just take on the easy jobs. We love a tricky application and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. If you’re planning something daring, we might be able to help, even if others have turned you down.

What we do

We cover every aspect of rural planning, including:

Site reviews

We’ll carry out an initial investigation to assess prospects, risks and costs

Risk management

We’ll discuss your aims, aspirations and attitude to risk (in terms of both money and time) to deliver an appropriate strategy

Project managed service

We can deal with every aspect of the planning process. So you’ll have the simplicity of a single point of contact, while we manage a skilled team of third-party consultants

Fighting your corner

We’ve got your back, whether you need us to promote a planning application or defend action taken by the council

Our armoury

We can help with every stage of the planning process, including:

  • Planning applications
  • Outline applications
  • Reserved matters
  • Variation of plans & conditions
  • Discharge of conditions
  • Planning appeals
  • Enforcement appeals
  • Certificates of lawfulness of proposed use or development
  • Certificate of lawfulness of existing use or development
  • Prior notification
  • Use of permitted development rights
  • Expert assessment, eg for financial viability, drainage, odour, ammonia, flood risk and noise

Trusted partners

Every project is different, so we believe in creating the perfect team for the job. We can call on architects, public affairs consultants, social media campaign experts and technical consultants. You’ll also be paired with a member of our team, who will guide you through the process from start to success.

Emma MooreWharfe Rural Planning | Consultancy